Welcome to the paintings and projects of Diane Cliff.

While owning her gallery in downtown Salt Lake, Highland Drive, and Midvale Diane had a wide variety of commissions. Her gallery in Salt Lake was called “Art Design Service and Gallery” where she did many designs in both art and framing for commercial and residential spaces.

This piece called “Cliff Falls” is a good example of what Diane can do. Going into spaces she creates art to fit the space, interiors, and plan the framing for the overall art statement for the project.

Diane Cliff’s art and framing has been commissioned for hotels, lodges, condominiums, restaurants as well as model homes, residences and commercial projects. You will see a wide variety of her work here on this site. Since she titled her gallery “Art Design Service and Gallery” she had many different architectural design and directions. From the 20 foot painting for Snowbird Iron Blosam Lodge to Asian work for the Asian Star Restaurant in Salt Lake, then for lodges in Deer Valley and Canyons Resort and many developments from rustic elegance to ultra modern.

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