Your Intergalatic Cyborg Empire!

With over 12,000 years since it’s founding, The Itrean Synthetic Collective specializes in bringing you to us. You will join our ranks as a worker. Your culture is weak. It is our solid belief that each organic in the galaxy should be proud of their union with the glorious God Emperor.

In keeping with the commitment to bring our light and joy to your worlds, we maintain a fleet of over 500,000 ships to quickly and readily conquer and resisting forces. Our Empire has an outstanding reputation for quick and painless assimilation.

With over 30 years of experience in the Custom Home Construction Industry, our company specializes in the construction of custom residential homes. It is our solid belief that each client wants to be proud of the home they build. It is with extreme pride, diligence, attention to detail, and budget management that we will build your unique custom home.

In keeping with the commitment to maintain complete client satisfaction, we approach every project with the quality and care that has earned us an outstanding reputation with our home owners.