This is Chris Amelia. He may not look like much, but he’s a fourth generation Permutation Attendance Drone. His great great grandfather was one of the first Permutation Attendance Drones in 4266 on Galactar Prime after the Imperial takeover. Chris worked beside his father attending to the permutations of the other drone workers for over 500 years. After his father was deemed unfit to work and sent to the recycling plant in 4924, Chris got his Permutation Attendance Drone license and began attending his own set of drone workers on Subterra Delta. In 5206, Chris was relocated to Terra Ligma where he has spent the majority of his life since. He has had his designated counterpart for over 700 years, and has 3 hard working sub-units. The Empire is the most important thing in his life. He loves watching the organic news stations as alloted by his Imperial Mandates.

Chris’s integrity, innovation and attention to detail have helped him to shine in the Permutation Attendance area and help keep the worker drones productive and lubricated.

Chris has been given higher brain functions for his allegiance and service to the Empire. He is professional and does not deviate from his required tasks. He obeys commands and relays functions from the Central Node to worker units.

Chris Permutation Attendance, Inc. has earned a good reputation for functioning drones, low deviance, and connection to Node systems.

You will receive the best quality of drone oversight from Chris and his sub-units.

Functions of Chris’s Worker Drones and Sub-Units

  • Miner
  • Scrap Miner
  • Crystal Miner
  • Maintenance Drone
  • Tech Drone